Nikko Asset Management

Establishing a corporate brand identity and rollout of a global print and digital advertising campaign.

In brief

Tokyo-based Nikko Asset Management is one of Asia’s largest asset managers, providing high-conviction, active fund management across a range of equity, fixed income and multi-asset strategies. In 2016-17 a key objective of the firm was to migrate from a domestic to a fully integrated global business model. To begin the process, a rigorous bottom-up process to establish its corporate brand identity was carried out. Once the brand identity was articulated, we conceptualized, created and executed the firm’s first global advertising campaign.

Ad-comm’s fully bilingual and multinational strategic and creative teams fully understood the language and cultural complexities of Nikko AM’s home market Japan, as well as those of it’s international regions of operation in Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas. A highly successful campaign was rolled out globally in 2018.

What we did

Developing the campaign began with a presentation of six strategically sound creative directions, all of which included print and digital versions, and carefully considered the Japanese and global nuances and implications. With extensive dialogue and full engagement of the client, one of the directions was selected and fine-tuned. Finally, to ensure full buy-in, the creative was shared with key global stakeholders and fine-tuned to ensure optimal relevance and impact in all markets.

We enjoyed working in close collaboration with Nikko AM’s Global Marketing and Communication Team to create a globally consistent print and digital campaign that could be localized to meet the needs of stakeholders in all of the global markets.

“… Tokyo’s Ad-comm Group demonstrated that it could bring an international print and digital campaign into and out of Japan. We also really appreciated that it was so willing to engage creatively. We didn’t quite know what we wanted. We just knew where we wanted to be. Ad-comm was able to put together something that simply and effectively presented all countries relevant to our business and reflected our brand attributes.”
Stefanie Drews, Joint Global Head of Product and Marketing – Nikko AM

“Ad-comm’s strengths lie in their patience, creativity and capability to bridge together both Japanese and international language and culture. Creatively we could not have been happier with the development process and the final output. Process wise it was very engaging and collaborative, with both teams meeting every two weeks to get from initial brief, to a long list of excellent ideas, to finally our creative concept that we believe was best to communicate our brand with global consistency but also local customization.”
Joshua Sato, Chief of Staff Product & Marketing Division – Nikko AM

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