Grand Seiko

Preparing the brand for success on the global luxury stage.

In brief

Grand Seiko has been recognized by watch collectors across markets in the same category as many of the finest Swiss manufacturers, however the brand has had a niche rather than mainstream luxury watch following. 

Ad-comm was engaged to help Grand Seiko be recognized as a global luxury brand and achieve greater global commercial success.

The starting point was to develop a clearly differentiated Grand Seiko brand identity. To do that we took a deep dive into the brand, talking to the watchmakers themselves and gaining a deep understanding of the global market landscape including investigative 360 degree key stakeholder qualitative research in nine countries across three continents. Our global brand audit led us to findings relative to consumer, media and retailer expectations, as well as to insights about functional and emotional purchase drivers.

What we did

Based on our in depth global investigation, the resulting insights and an intuitive sense, we unearthed the quintessence of the Grand Seiko brand’s heart and soul, achieving what the brand had never been able to do in the past. 

We articulated the authentic brand mission, values, positioning, and narrative… creating a complete brand strategy framework and the foundation for the brand’s engagement strategy. 

A Brand Constitution was developed to ensure deep and consistent global understanding of the brand’s DNA, the brand mission, positioning and personality.

We brought the newly defined Grand Seiko brand to life with compelling communication, developing creative assets used globally to enhance awareness and understanding of Grand Seiko as a global luxury watchmaker. Finally, we conceptualized a physical manifestation of the brand in Tokyo… a home of the brand for experiential engagement with Grand Seiko, for collectors and fans of the brand to immerse in its rich past as well as its exciting present and future.

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